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Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Jivan Mukta

Sunnuntaina 11.9. klo 10.00-13.30


Join us with this special 3,5 hours workshop with Jivan Mukta!

Crossroads, cycles and chapters of life … one followed by another.
And within you, standing the secret of all secrets, the Goddess of Awareness: the Kundalini.

Live a life of enchantment and kindle your vision.
Remember and recognise your innate wisdom.
And do it again, in every step and stage of life.

This workshop is a combination of practical wisdom and simple but effective breathing, meditative and physical practices. Jivan Mukta’s style is a balance of intensity, healing gentleness and clarity of wisdom.


Kundalini Yoga:
"Kundalini Yoga is an integral discipline for self-exploration and spiritual development. It is regarded as a unique form of Yoga because it uses its knowledge of chakras and subtle energies to help you achieve holistic fitness. It is different to other styles of yoga because it allows you to get in touch with the excellence of your body, mind and soul."

Jivan Mukta is a dedicated Kundalini Yogi, teacher, trainer and healer born in Chile. He has been a Yogi for 20 years and a pioneer Kundalini Yogi in Finland who has trained nearly 200 instructors in the last 12 years in this country. He is the creator and director of the Meditative Healing Program™ ( with an international experience teaching it and with 15 years of healing practice. He has also developed the Total Man Training™ ( or empowering spirituality in men. He has reached thousands of people around the world and in 2016 he received a Doctorate in "Study of Religions" from the University of Helsinki.

You can also book a personal healing session with Jivan Mukta on sunday afternoon.

Price for workshop: 70e

Space is limited so book your place soon:

You are warmly welcome!

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